This is where I post more original goodies (as well as some made as presents). Expect this section to grow over time.

For news about upcoming models, please check out this blog from time to time.

If something does not work correctly, please tell me. You can reach me at my email address. Heck, you can even just send a comment to either address or send me a link to your art. I'd love to see your art. :D

Please don't use any of these gifts commercially in any way. This includes retexturing and/or and changing the model or maps for use in a commercial game, program, animation, or app.

Other than that, go nuts!


Tunic Flors - For Sione's Tunic

This is literally the first freebie I ever made. The textures here go with the tunic on this page.

Valentina Earrings - Smartpropped to Victoria3

I was so proud of these earrings when I made them ten years ago!
I'd just learned some new techniques and decided to put that knowledge to the test.

These earrings are stand-alone models. They can be moved around to fit other characters.

Three Stone Ring

Another oldie, I made this ring around the time I made the earrings to the left.

Imagine Shirt

Turns the D3 Imagination Robe into a shirt!